Want you consume throughout the day matters a lot and if you’re eating the right foods, chances are high that you will never get sick. Most of the health problems we see today are the result of poor eating habits. If you really want to stay super healthy and slim, consider adding the following foods to your diet. Let’s go through these superfoods below:


We’re not asking you to quit eating fats but the wrong fats. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats that are healthy and provide energy to keep the body working. All you need is to consume a half or quarter of an avocado to melt your belly fat. This amazing food is also equipped with protein and fiber to meet the body requirements of fiber and protein.

The Best Superfoods for Getting Slim


If you’re non-vegetarian and likes to taste something super delicious, look no further than salmon that is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Some of the nutrients found in salmon help lose weight, and that’s why everyone recommends eating salmon. It keeps you full without adding dangerous fats to your body. A veritable study showed that those who ate MUFA-rich diet lost 9 pounds in a month. Interesting, isn’t it?


Highly recognized for their anting-aging properties, blueberries are a powerful source for getting slim. They give you a sense of fullness without eating much while meeting all your body requirements.

Brown rice

Brown rice is a healthy choice over white rice. Just a half cup of serving is enough to feel full. It improves metabolism and burns fats, giving you a healthy amount nutrients required to keep your body functioning.

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