Surgery should be taken seriously, irrespective of how easy it is. The danger is same whether you’re having a complicated surgery or a simple one. This blog post is dedicated to everyone recovering from their surgery wounds. We have compiled a list of some do’s and don’ts you should adhere to after having a surgery. Let’s take a peek at them below:

Don’t drive

You should stay away from driving because it can worsen your wounds. You need to stick to your bed until your physician gives you a green single. If you think you’re healing fast and there’s no harm in trying little driving, you’re thinking absolutely wrong because while driving you may across a situation that requires quick physical movements, which can affect your surgery.

Do’s & Don’ts After Surgery

Stay away from constipation

That’s serious and can even worsen your condition to a big extend. If you’re taking pain relievers or have undergone a gastrointestinal surgery, you’re more likely to have constipation. You should see your doctor if you spend hours in the bathroom due to severe constipation. Not only does it lead to unnecessary discomfort, it can trigger lots of other serious health conditions.

Don’t lift anything

It has been observed that many surgery patients unintentionally lift heavy things, which results in further serious complications. So, don’t lift even if you feel good until your doctor tells you to do so. When you’re recovering from surgery or any type of wounds, you’re not allowed to lift anything, irrespective of how minor it is. You’re supposed to adhere to your doctor’s instructions because he knows better than you.

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